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No Full Stops In Life

Octogenarians Usha Chaube & Annapurna Bhargava have been friends for the last 60 years. This talented duo have tended their families with loving care and have churned out delicacies with love as the major ingredient. Their gifts have always been personalized and creatively crafted.
Encouraged by their grand and great grand children, they have decided to spread their talent & affection beyond their family and friends. Thus came into being a joint venture “Entrepreneurs at Eighty”, a brain child of their grandson Arnav Chaube.

What started as an e-commerce platform for senior citizens to sell home made products has transformed into a non profit social venture;  EAE currently employs 6 underprivileged women, who lend a helping hand to this enterprising duo and give shape to their creativity. These women not only make a  decent earning but also get a chance to bring forth their creativity. Above all they all have an enhanced self esteem.

The enthusiasm which Usha Chaube displays is infectious because of which she and her team have received love and encouragement from people far and wide. “This journey has been  wholesome; the fact you can bring cheer in the lives of others is gratifying . The love we have received from our customers is encouraging at the same time humbling. I hope I am able to spread love and more love” says Usha Chaube.

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About Entrepreneurs At Eighty

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