Invigorating Coffee Body Scrub W/Activated charcoal + frankincense By Adorbie


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Caffeine firms and tightens skin’s elasticity as well as promotes the growth of collagen. Chicory Coffee + raw brown sugar polish your skin with gentle exfoliation while shea butter + coconut oil nourish skin leaving it feeling supple and moisturized. Also, Chicory Root is a natural inflammation reducer that is beneficial because it contains beta-carotene that helps increase our production of collagen


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Exfoliation is essential to maintaining healthy beautiful skin. The gentle abrasion removes dead skin cells, banishes dull skin, and encourages healthy circulation.


Chicory Coffee, Activated Charcoal, Raw Brown Sugar*, Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Almond Oil, Vitamin E oil, Frankincense Essential Oil


Net wt: 50 Gram


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